Antique Art Objects

Front Cove
19th Century bronze statue in cove, right side of entrance

Center of lower and upper Grand Halls, stairway of marble.

Lower Grand Hall
“Last Supper”, hand carved and upright hapsicord copy of one in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Outside Front Steps
18th Century lions of bronze on “tish” marble.

Lower Grand Hall, right side
Ivory boy figure, cross and nativity scene, masen vase

Lower Grand Hall, left side
Commode (5 kinds of wood), hand-painted with marble top, one-of-a-kind, watercolor, Chippendale chair, bronze statue.

Art Nouveau
Ivory Cabinet, hand-blown glass, art nouveau style furniture, stained glass window on right side.

Ivory Room
Blue padded walls, stand for Ivory animals of walnut, ebony, hand carved 19th Century

Victorian Room
Gas lamps, bronzes, silver items and watercolors.

French Room
Center view, Ivory statues, sevres porcelains, hand-painted French furniture, French enamels.

Adams Room
Hand-blown porcelains and glassware.

Hepplewhite Room
three piece secretary, porcelains, silver items Hepplewhite chair, statue of David.

Art Deco
Hand-turned porcelain vases, ebony table, apple coral, world’s smallest hand-blown Swan on malichite base.

17th Century
Silk tapestry (1600 stitches to an inch), Musicians ebony stand with weapons, chalice, sterling silver light fixture.

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